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The cornerstone of our offerings is the customer experience platform, a high-performance low latency middleware from our technology partner that can help organizations deliver innovative digital experiences.

Our digital experience platform integrates with every possible interactions within your business to identify what occurred prior and during your customer journey for extracting their feeling, reaction, and feedback and providing your organization  a great chance for optimization to the competitive edge.

VMS creates the chance new streams of revenue, accelerates productivity and optimizes resources while streamlining customer flows. 

VMS modular architecture provides unprecedented scalability to consolidate data from hundreds of locations.

VMS main components compose of queueing management system, scheduling management, and interactive kiosk machines.

Our digital Signage solution is the next generation platform for managing digital signage networks. It provides organizations complete flexibility in managing screen layouts and playlist schedules.

It enables you to direct and focus message at the point of purchase and helps to draw and immerse customers, resulting in greater consumer interactions and better brand recall. Digital Signage displays helps you to persuade your customers with compelling videos and enthrall them with spellbinding animations, thereby inspiring customer loyalty and increase in revenue.

Customer feedback is the key solution for identifying customer experience throughout comprehensive platform that provides a dynamic set of real-time tools for gathering, tracking and analyzing customer responses to gain 360 degrees on overall behaviors and feelings.

Customer feedback could be gathered directly by filling customer opinion post of each interaction, or by identifying customer mood thru intelligent face mood recognizer. While social media might be another factual source of feedback via scanning of their public comments toward the services experienced.

Digital Signage
Customer Feedback
Visitor Management System
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