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Customer Relation manages customer acquisition and marketing efforts and processes through sales to after sales and support activities on the available customer interaction points.

Our target offering is a complete solution of technologies and practices for organizations to manage their relationships and analyze interactions with both existing and potential customers having the goal to improving customer retention, market share growth, and profitability.​

After Sales

After Sales services are basically involving managing contracts, complains, and cases, in addition of addressing inbound communication. 

Case and complain management starts with registering, tracking, diagnosing till solving the customer issues and problems.  Case management is seamlessly integrated with interaction communication; portal, IVR, emails, and chat for reporting response, resolution performance.

More detailed services and functionalities can be founded under Customer Service Platform.

It standardizes a sales practices, cycles and approvals for sales force. Sales Management covers below processes;

Quotation and proposal management facilitates process a quotation and proposal preparation.

Accounts management manages inward entries, credit and debit amounts, details for customer transactions. 

Lead management lets the users qualify leads and assigns them to appropriate salespersons.

Contact management involves customer information and features such as contact persons, calendar, phone numbers.

Opportunity management automates the process of realized leads from initiation to closure and beyond closure.


Marketing Management system handle campaigns management, event-based marketing / promotions, and product portfolio configuration.

The campaign management enables the marketing force to access customer-related data for designing, executing and evaluating targeted offers, and communications.
Event-based (triggering) marketing identifies key events in the customer and business lifecycle. When an event occurs a customer specific marketing activity is undertaken. 

Product portfolio configuration includes designing, packaging and pricing of product list. to be used for sales and marketing forces to offer to their customers.

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